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ID Number: 1579
From: gokings111 <>
Subject: Re: A blog worth reading
Date: Tuesday, April 04 2006 - 05:56:20

"Frank" <> wrote:
"I think everyone here knows how intelligent Lisa is and how she
could have done just about anything else in her life, like practice
law, teach, etc. But deep down inside of Lisa there is something
that makes her take her clothes off and expose herself. It is just
something that she is, she is an exhibitionist, no doubt...Obviously
it makes Lisa feel good inside to do what she does. She sees it as
an art, and it is, truly....But it will always be a mystery on why
women shed their clothes on stage or for the camera. It is
something that many women do, and many women wish they could do.
The simple fact of the matter is that Lisa likes showing her naked
body, plain and simple. Whether it gets her off sexually or in an
artistic way is only something she knows. She wouldn't show her
pubic hair and vagina if it didn't make her content or happy in some
sort of way. It fulfills a need in her life, and I think as fans of
hers for many years, I think we should be thankful."

While it is true that all women like to look beautiful, and most
women like to think that men will view them as attractive, there is
a much simpler reason for Lisa's continuing her nude modeling
career. She makes good money at it! If she were not making enough
money to support herself, to pay her mortgage and other expenses,
and to buy the things she wants, she wouldn't do it. While there
are other jobs she is certainly qualified to fill, having a pay
website and doing regular photo shoots for it is a more "fun" way to
make money than most jobs.

After all, she "goes to work" by picking out beautiful outfits to
wear, finding glamorous and interesting locations in which to shoot,
and letting makeup artists and hair stylists make her look
beautiful. What woman would not want that "job"! Now it does take
a lot of effort (and money) to keep your body in great shape and to
get regular beauty treatments; but even average-looking women
probably spend almost as much effort on these things just to
preserve their self-image. In Lisa's case, it is also pays off in

I'll bet if you asked her, she would say she does it because it is
the most fun way of making a living that she can think of; and as
long as she is able, she would want to continue to enjoy being seen
as a beautiful woman.

steve8690 wrote:
"Failing that, she tried law school. That didn't work out either.
Part of it may have been that she feared her Playmate-past would
hamper efforts to get a legal career going."

No, she dropped out of law school because she found out she didn't
like law. I think she was turned off by the competitiveness of
lawyers, as she is not a confrontational, competitive type of
person. I talked to her at length before she started law school;
and I suggested she focus on the transactional side, e.g., writing
contracts or working in the regulatory area. However, law school is
very confrontational (remember "Paper Chase"), as it focuses on
training advocates and negotiators; and I think Lisa felt she wasn't
at all suited for that kind of profession. Knowing her, I thought
she could eventually get used to holding her own in the less
confrontational areas of law; but U.C. Berkeley is one of the top
law schools in the country, and the students it attracts are all
extremely competitive. This probably accounts for her feeling that
the law wasn't for her.

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