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ID Number: 159
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Lisa's Playboy Videos
Date: Tuesday, January 16 2001 - 22:06:14

I would try and get both "Rising Stars and Sexy
Starlets" and "Asian Exotica" at the same time.

Both have dances, but different styles of dance. And
both worth the money.

Rising Stars has an
interview leading into a slow sexy fantasy dance number,
some of which she is dancing with the guy she is
thinking about. It also appears to be more popular. You
probably have seen vidcaps of it floating

Asian Exotica has two very nice dance numbers in it.
Both she is alone. The first one is slow and dreamy,
half dance, half photo shoot. The second is fast and
uptempo to a song called "Wild at Heart".

If you
can only afford one, I can't tell which to get, but
they are both out on DVD, get the DVD if you can.

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