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ID Number: 1592
From: killgwbushnow <>
Subject: Re: frustrated
Date: Sunday, April 16 2006 - 03:40:15

Well, I'm NOT a die hard fan. I've signed up a few times, and she IS
HOT... but the website could be run better. For $20/month she should
post new pics every day! How hard can it be to shoot some digital
pics and post them on a website???? And making digital videos is a
piece of cake. Anyone with $2000 for a decent computer and video
camera can do it... so I look at her few updates as an insult to her
fans... "Thanks for the cash, suckas!" Just my opinion.

And her hottest video is in the "Babes of Baywatch" where she does
this dancing bit... that is HOT.

I might sign up for another month some day, but I'll wait until
there's a lot of new material.


--- In, delbert_delbert_delbert
<no_reply@...> wrote:
> On her 2/15 backstage message Lisa Marie said "my goal is to have 2
> videos a month (at a minimum 1 anyhow)". The next month, she didnt
> a single video. Its now April - still nothing. What gives?
> are paying good money. And the latest set, while she looks sexy,
> reveals almost nothing. What am i paying $20/month for?

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