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ID Number: 16
From: slicnasty
Subject: Re: welcome (and picture posting)
Date: Friday, August 18 2000 - 02:43:19

I don't know if Playboy has shut
down any Yahoo clubs, but I have seen web sites shut
down by Playboy because of people posting their

jeez, tell me something i don't know! fact, i know
that PB has an entire department of people dedicated
to surfing the net for any of their copyrighted pics
on rogue websites as well as unauthorized use of
"playboy" meta tags and

I never said that that I wanted you to take them
down, I just wanted to know if you did get permission
and your reasoning for your choice of what to post.
If you want to remove the pics that is you
Good luck on getting permission from Playboy. I think
that you will need it.

fine by
me...even though i stated my reasons why i'd post PB pics
and not model website pics, it's probably better that
i post neither since i'd be portraying myself to be
a hypocrite, which was probably the whole point of
your original post.

btw, i never said i was
going to ask permission from PB specifically for
posting PB pics...they'd delete that e-mail in a
however, i will ask lisa's webmaster if it's okay to post
a preview pic of each photo set as promotion for
her site....i don't think that's much to

i guess i'll find out....

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