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ID Number: 1614
From: "phish2l301" <>
Subject: Re: frustrated
Date: Monday, July 10 2006 - 02:25:10

--- In, delbert_delbert_delbert
<no_reply@...> wrote:
> On her 2/15 backstage message Lisa Marie said "my goal is to have
> videos a month (at a minimum 1 anyhow)". The next month, she didnt
> a single video. Its now April - still nothing. What gives?
> are paying good money. And the latest set, while she looks sexy,
> reveals almost nothing. What am i paying $20/month for?

I came to the same conclusion - and quit the site. Who is Lisa
Marie Scott and why does she deserve this "worship?" She is a
Playboy Playmate and an adult model. Like it or not, she is a "sex-
worker." The only reason we know about her is because some time
ago, she stripped naked for Playboy - and we liked what we saw. Is
she a beautiful woman? Yes! Is her site worth $19.99 per month?
No! Please don't confuse these two issues.

Her updates are irregular and the quality if the photos and videos
vary. Have you noticed that there is no fixed size for her photos?
Have you noticed that they are oddly cropped? Have you noticed that
there are almost no large sized pictures? Have you noticed that her
high resolution videos aren't really high resolution? is a business. Irrespective of what you thing
about the person in the photos, the site is cash cow as long as we
fork over the fee each month. How long has it been since a member
was able to email Lisa? She is always busy on photo shoots, yet
where are these pictures? Why does a photo set have to be given
over a two or three week period? Why is 25 the maximum number of
photos allowed (as a rule)?

And let's not get into the content of the photos. I like sexy
photos, as long as there is a sufficient number of nude photos. And
what is so sacred about Lisa Marie's genitals? It is painfully
obvious that the photographer and crew get frequent glimpses, yet we
get a cropped photo. It's not like she isn't spreading her legs
(look closely at her pictures and you will see what I mean). If you
don't want that area of your body photographed, than be obvious
about it. Don't crop the heck out of the picture.

I don't know if Lisa is the webmaster or has any hand in her own
site, but she should bring it to a point where members want to stay
because it is both hot and sexy, and not want to bail because they
are frustrated.

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