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ID Number: 1617
From: "phish2l301" <>
Subject: Re: frustrated/pedestal... (Boycott!!!)
Date: Saturday, July 15 2006 - 22:45:58

--- In, killgwbushnow <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Anyone ever stop to think the reason the fans put her on a
> is because she DOESN'T show her "holy" beaver (or much of it).
> Personally I'm only a mild past fan of her early work -- her
> stuff is NOT so great! I won't be signing up again unless there
is a
> major change in her website quality/quantity/nudity.
> Boycott LMScott! (Maybe then she'll get the idea!)

I agree with your quality/quantity/nudity comments and I would like
to add one more - "frequency" (more than once a wee or "when we
feel like posting").

As for the "holy beaver" issue, I can understand if she doesn't want
to show it all - just stop posing like you do and then cropping the
hell out of the pictures. (Anna Marie Goddard does something wacky
like that too - she will be spread wide on a distance shot, but
crops her photos just above on a close-up.) Lisa Boyle and Linda
O'Neil don't show it all (anymore), but their poses a clear about
not showing it.

Bottom Line - As long as websites really don't have to disclose
exactly what we are buying with our subscription, then we will
continued to be frustrated. Boycotts don't work because you can't
organize the site members (privacy and anonminity).

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