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ID Number: 162
From: davecampit
Subject: Re: Jade Warriors-YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Wednesday, January 17 2001 - 10:29:45

Xez --
I'm David Campiti, writer
of JADE WARRIORS with artist Mike Deodato. We turned
Press exactly when we said we would -- on November
13th, 2000. I actually expected copies of the book in
my hands Thanksgiving weekend to premiere the book
back at Mid-Ohio-Con that weekend in

We did our jobs in a professional, timely fashion.
We have repeatedly asked Avatar WHEN the book is
shipping, but we get no answers.

I do apologize for
the lack of website updates; the webmaster is in the
midst of a divorce and has not added any of the updates
we've been providing to him regularly since October. We
DO, however, post updates on the MESSAGE BOARDS on
our website.

Meantime, Deodato and I are
working on issue #2 right now and should wrap our parts
of it later this month; we are still awaiting the
package from Lisa with her cover photo.

If anyone
has specific questions, I can be reached at

Thanks for your patience.
-- David

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