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ID Number: 1625
From: killgwbushnow <>
Subject: Re: frustrated/pedestal... (Boycott!!!)
Date: Wednesday, July 26 2006 - 02:12:26

Already have found another model... my wife! ;-)

No matter how hot lisa is (or was)... it's just a bunch of stupid
pics and vids. My wife is a helluva lot hotter than any damn
screen!... And unlike the screen, I can respect her and myself
when... ahem... after all is said and done.

I don't know why, I just like to browse and see what's brewing and
what people are chatting about. But you're right... today will be
my last post. Oh, I'll miss you all so very much (boo hoo...
choking back tears)... LOL

--- In, strait_flush5 <no_reply@...> wrote:
> For being only a mild, past fan, you sure seem to pay a lot of
> attention to this Yahoo group.
> If you don't think her recent stuff is very great, then stop
> obssessing over what she has done recently, and find another model.
> --- In, killgwbushnow <no_reply@> wrote:
> >
> > Anyone ever stop to think the reason the fans put her on a
> > is because she DOESN'T show her "holy" beaver (or much of it).
> >
> > Personally I'm only a mild past fan of her early work -- her
> > stuff is NOT so great! I won't be signing up again unless there
> a
> > major change in her website quality/quantity/nudity.
> >
> > Boycott LMScott! (Maybe then she'll get the idea!)
> >
> >
> > --- In, "Frank" <precisiontunecs@>
> > >
> > > You make many vaid points. I think many Lisa Marie fans as a
> whole
> > > tend to put her on a pedestal more than any other nude model
> ever.
> > > I think Lisa is probably one of the only Playmates from the
> > > mid '90's to still regularly pose nude. No doubt she is a
> > > woman, and probably one of the best Playmates ever in my mind
> I
> > > think we sometimes forget that Lisa is selling sex. It may
> > > crude or whatever, but we pay our 19.99 a month to see Lisa
> > her
> > > clothes off, bottom line. I personally love her site, I love
> > > the photo sets, the videos, etc. It has also been mentioned
> > > numerous times about how Lisa does crop alot of her photos. I
> > > really didn't notice it until it was mentioned here and going
> back
> > > and looking at those photos I can't beleive I missed how much
> > > cropping is really done. There are some pics where Lisa's
> are
> > > wide open and her body is in a position where her entire
> is
> > > pointing straight at the photographer. So basically the
> > > photographer and crew of her photo shoots get to see some
> > > explicit shots of Lisa, and if you go and look at the photos
> if
> > > they were not cropped they would be at mininmum Penthouse
> > So
> > > it does seem that Lisa's vagina is only meant for a select few
> > > see and not for the fans she poses for, hopefully one day soon
> that
> > > will all change.
> > >
> >

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