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ID Number: 1646
From: stinkyprevert <>
Subject: Re: '50's Coke
Date: Friday, September 22 2006 - 01:22:33

I've never thought her videos were that great. I mean, yeah, she's
super hot, but the vids are short and low res. And she waits until
they're about half way thru before she gits nekkid. Some of the vids
she doesn't even get nekkid. Nope, it will take more than your
message to impress me enough to re-join.

If she put out a DVD of hot footage (meaning full nude and a bit
naughty), I'd buy it for $100!!!

Sorry, but not interested in spending $20 for a 1-minute video.


--- In, "Sal" <precisiontunecs@...> wrote:
> Lisa just posted a new vid today and it is totally unreal. Lisa's
> nude body is probable the most perfect female physique of all time.
> Towards the end of the video she goes full nude just with her skirt
> draped over her right knee. The angles of the video make Lisa's
> look so perfect. Her breasts are as supple and firm as a 20 year
> her stomach flat and hard, her tiny waist and shapely hips are just
> wonders. And to top it off we are treated to some nice open leg
> shots, not too explcit, just classic Lisa Marie. Her classic racing
> stripe pubic hair just barely covering her shaved vagina, what a
> awesome woman and an awesome video!

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