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ID Number: 1647
From: AYHJA <>
Subject: Re: [lisamarie] Re: '50's Coke
Date: Friday, September 22 2006 - 05:08:55

Oh come on SP..!!

The way she moves is hot...Her whole little thing is just smoking...

I say I'd love to see more, but you loose something when
you go a little off the rocker...

I think its kinda sad, really, when some girls feel they have to do
the more risque stuff to be successful...The only thing I hope
Lisa does is discover digital photography and a new, high bandwidth,
high capacity server to host some bigger, higher resolution pics...

I've never watched any of the vids, really, I just have them cause
I'm a collector...This, SP, you know... :-)



stinkyprevert wrote:
> I've never thought her videos were that great. I mean, yeah, she's
> super hot, but the vids are short and low res. And she waits until
> they're about half way thru before she gits nekkid. Some of the vids
> she doesn't even get nekkid. Nope, it will take more than your
> message to impress me enough to re-join.
> If she put out a DVD of hot footage (meaning full nude and a bit
> naughty), I'd buy it for $100!!!
> Sorry, but not interested in spending $20 for a 1-minute video.
> --SP
> --- In <>,
> "Sal" <precisiontunecs@...> wrote:
> >
> > Lisa just posted a new vid today and it is totally unreal. Lisa's
> > nude body is probable the most perfect female physique of all time.
> > Towards the end of the video she goes full nude just with her skirt
> > draped over her right knee. The angles of the video make Lisa's
> body
> > look so perfect. Her breasts are as supple and firm as a 20 year
> old,
> > her stomach flat and hard, her tiny waist and shapely hips are just
> > wonders. And to top it off we are treated to some nice open leg
> > shots, not too explcit, just classic Lisa Marie. Her classic racing
> > stripe pubic hair just barely covering her shaved vagina, what a
> > awesome woman and an awesome video!
> >
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