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ID Number: 167
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Auction
Date: Thursday, January 18 2001 - 00:36:41

>> hahaha....i

so do i!

>> so far, both auctions seem
to be a bidding war between only two guys, Fvi002
and Marka5...

i find that most of the auctions
on lisa's site (and mystique magazine) end up being
between two maybe three people. it must be nice to be
rich. they either honest bidders or shills trying to
jack up the price.

>> you can only do a
few things with the items: frame it, wear it, or give
it to your girlfriend (yeah rite! try explaining to
her WHERE you got it from!)

probably frame it
along with the pic that comes with it. hang it on the
wall and look at it for a few minutes at least once a
day. they might ask their partner to wear it without
telling them where it comes from. or they might try to
wear it (if they can fit into something in her size)

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