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ID Number: 1685
From: dorphman <>
Subject: i want more
Date: Tuesday, January 02 2007 - 21:05:18

I have a question. Does Lisa really believe we are turned on by a
video showing her pussy in low res? Come on! This is 2007. The
technology has been available for a long time now to show her vids in
hi res. I just joined the site and am very disappointed at the
infrequency of video updates, but especially with the low res on the
vids. This is pathetic and not worth the money. Lisa is possibly
the hottest model out there, but with the low quality she's
producing, there are plenty of other models we can go to to get our

While I'm at it, it's no secret that Lisa has had a boobjob. Not
that I'm complaining. I think she looked beatiful natural, but her
big tits today look really nice. Now that she's gotten away from
natural, why doesn't she do a few more things, like get her belly
button pierced, or better yet, her pussy? Of course, if she did
that, we'd need hi res to truly appreciate it.

I love a girl with lots of jewelry. One of my favorite things about
Lisa is when she wears metal belts with nothing underneath. That's
hot. Like in the guitar video. Her best, by the way. It's not
kitchen, although that's nice, too. With the amount of pussy she
showed in country bar, especially with her legs spread, that vid
would probably had been her best, if it was in hi res.

Come on, Lisa. Give us hi res vids. Please. I'm writing this in
case Lisa checks this site. I don't see any postings from her
though. And spread your legs more. Your thick thighs are your best
feature as far as I can tell. But theyre most accentuated when your
legs are spread.

Lisa may have a better feature than her thighs, but we'll never know
if we don't get hi res out of her. I'm thinking that maybe her
cooter's nasty. I mean, she rarely shows it in pics, and it's never
hi res on vids. Pics can be airbrushed. Video can't be. That may
be why we never get hi res shots of her pussy on video. I'd love to
see and find out.

I doubt we'll ever see Lisa really finger herself, like my other
favorites. She'll probably never use a dildo, or do any real girl-
girl stuff. So if we're missing out on all of these goodies, are the
other things too much to ask? A membership costs $240 over the
course of a year.

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