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ID Number: 1695
From: stinkyprevert <>
Subject: Re: i want more
Date: Wednesday, January 10 2007 - 14:13:17

LOL!! You emailed the webmaster in hopes of a response? Yeah, I once
too believed in Sanity Claws.

Dissappointing, isn't it?

I'll tell you what's going on. Lisa doesn't WANT high res videos
because she doesn't want us to view her holiest of holy holes up close
and in high definition. I would LOVE to have seen that country bar
video in high res, for example!!! Still, it is her hottest video yet.
I hope she makes more like that.

Notice that the pics from the video set aren't anywhere near as hot as
the video. Why? Because she knows the video is really low res and
there's not much we can see... just a hint of the "good stuff".

What's really messed up is that websites w/ cheap models have higher
def videos. FTV girls for example. The sluttier the model, the
better the video. Guess that's why's Lisa's pics and vids suck ass in
resolution. Lisa's New Year's resolution should be to have better

I think lisa pays people to help her w/ the website, although a child
could design a website like hers, she probably pays someone to run it
for her. I think she selects the pics and vids and probably lends a
hand in the editing and approves them before publication.

But in all her work, I can tell that she wants me! I know that she'll
answer my fan mail and fly out to Podunk Joke-lahoma and have an
affair with me and be the mother of my love child! (Shhhh, don't tell
the wife!)

On another note... Is it just me or does Lisa and Kristen Kreuk look
a lot alike? Hmmm... I wonder which one I'd have a better chance
with. Or maybe they can both be in my harem. ;-)

OK, nuff humor for one day.

Peace, Y'all,

--- In, "phish2l301" <phish2l301@...> wrote:
> I actually emailed Lisa's webmaster and asked why her videos are
> lo-res and why her photos are not a standard size. I will report back
> when I get an answer (LOL).
> BTW - Has Lisa herself ever posted to this site? I can't recall ever
> seeing any.

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