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ID Number: 1703
From: stinkyprevert <>
Subject: Re: How she treats her non-subscribers...........
Date: Thursday, January 18 2007 - 16:13:01

That stuff that hasn't been updated in forever are things that are for
sale. Her online pics and vids are updated sometimes (once a week she
puts up 25 pics and videos are updated about 1 or 2 times per
month)... But you don't really get what you pay for!!! Low quality
and too little material.

There are quite a few free online forums where you can download what
you're looking for. Look back through some of the old messages from
other members.


--- In, emanon_43 <no_reply@...> wrote:
> I've been reading how Lisa is with the subscribers to her site, quite
> a few complaints mostly about not showing enough or poor quality pics
> and vids. If you go to her site as a non-subscriber, you find it
> hasn't been updated for a helluva long time. All of her photos
> are "sold out" there hasn't been an auction for almost two years.
> Does she have other pics and auctions for her members or is it the
> same? (I used to be a member, but if it's not any different, I'm in no
> hurry to return). Thanks for any feedback.

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