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ID Number: 1714
From: stinkyprevert <>
Subject: Re: hi from Alicia
Date: Sunday, January 28 2007 - 14:56:27

So... Alicia (or Greg Norton)... I see your yahoo ID your using is
alicia84f. Does that mean you're 84 years old, or were you born in '84?

I sure would like nothing more than an 84 year old woman right now!

What does an 84 year old woman taste like?.... Depends!

Ah, but then I notice your Yahoo ID also has greg40norton. So maybe
your a 40 year old dude trying to spam your porn site "cupidsmile dot
cum" when the suckers here check out your fake profile.

Sorry, but I only eat lean meat grown w/o hormones and antibiotics...
That means NO SPAM!!! You Loser!

Jeez.... I really have nothing better to do with my time. How sad.


--- In, "Alicia" <greg40norton@...> wrote:
> hello to everybody!
> i'm new to the group just wanted to say hello.
> hope will have some fun here
> have a nice day

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