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ID Number: 1728
From: AYHJA <>
Subject: Re: [lisamarie] An extra update!
Date: Saturday, February 17 2007 - 22:40:42


Totally caught me off guard...

The extent of my dealing with that site is:

1. Log In on Tuesdays
2. Download 22-25 pics
3. Log out

ETA total is about 2 minutes

Now, we're up to about 3, lol...Thanks for the heads up...


steve8690 wrote:
> Checked Lisa's site today and nearly fell off my chair when I saw she
> had added a new gallery. Two in one week for the first time in ages.
> And a pretty good set at that. Can't go wrong with Lisa in the shower
> and Maria Kinney taking the photos. Also, a new video. Of course, I am
> assuming we'll get the regular update next Tuesday as well.
> Steve

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