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ID Number: 1783
From: strait_flush5 <>
Subject: Re: LMAO
Date: Friday, April 27 2007 - 20:34:18

He is full of shit. He gets his photo set fix just like every other
devoted member. He just won't admit it 'cause it's not cool to be a
paying member in this group and bash Lisa at the same time.

It's like I said before... Lisa's site is what it is. Some guys
aren't happy with her content anymore, so they bitch and moan about
it in here, and then logon to her website at night. They are deluded
into thinking that whining about it in here is going to change things.

I'm sure Ms. Scott realizes that she could increase her revenue -
even double her membership - if she produced more content. Yet she
does not... why? Because as she has emphatically said in the past,
she has self-imposed limits on what she will do.

Besides, if she was really serious about her modeling career, why
don't we see her showing up on more magazines, videos, TV shows,
etc? Why doesn't her agent (if she has one) pulling in more work for
her? Because this is an idle distraction for her that isn't going to
last forever.

--- In, "llnmccnnll" <llnmccnnll@...> wrote:
> if your not a pyaing subscriber, how do you get her sets so fast?
> help me out,here brother.
> --- In, AYHJA <AYHJA@> wrote:
> >
> > To paying subscribers,
> >
> > How awesome is it that you get to pay monthly to
> > see the same images every week..? I love the way
> > LMS looks, but in every sense of the word, whomever
> > is running that site blows...11 pics..??? The same
> > from a previous set at that...Cropped and unflattering
> > as usual...
> >
> > From the facts, I have gather the following conclusion...
> >
> > Lisa hates you, but loves your money...Man, it couldn't
> > be me paying up that kind of cash...But hey, if you
> > keep telling yourself that some LMS is better than no
> > LMS, I'll agree completely...
> >
> > Realistically Speaking,
> > --
> >
> > <>
> >

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