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ID Number: 1785
From: emanon_43 <>
Subject: Re: LMAO
Date: Saturday, April 28 2007 - 01:07:46

Sal, I have to agree with what you say about Lisa's beauty and
getting better with age. I think she could easily outdo some of the
long time favorites such as Debra Jo or DeDe. Too few of the recent
PM's can even come close! What bothers me is info that she HAS TO
post through another party. I've met Lisa a couple times. in LA and
Portland and can say that she doesn't take second to anyone, add her
beauty to her brains and WOW!

There has to be more to the stories being passed around and the only
way to be accurate is if Lisa herself posts.

The way she is getting better with age could make her our favorite
for another 10, 20, 30 years........hmmmmm, I'd love that!!

--- In, "Sal" <precisiontunecs@...> wrote:
> It is very disappointing. However, you never know what could be
> going on with Lisa. She could be pregnant, getting married, who
> knows. What I know is that there is not a Playboy model that I
> seen who is as gorgeous as Lisa, it isn't even close. Her face
> body are as close to perfect as you can get. It is a shame,
> all she would have to do is just continue to pose nude for a few
> more years, doing what she has done for the past 12 or so years,
> she can still make a good living with her site. At 33 she looks
> better than alot of these 20-21 year olds that are posing nude
> I just hope she sticks around for awhile, it would be a shame to
> lose such a timeless beauty.
> -- In, AYHJA <AYHJA@> wrote:
> >
> > To paying subscribers,
> >
> > How awesome is it that you get to pay monthly to
> > see the same images every week..? I love the way
> > LMS looks, but in every sense of the word, whomever
> > is running that site blows...11 pics..??? The same
> > from a previous set at that...Cropped and unflattering
> > as usual...
> >
> > From the facts, I have gather the following conclusion...
> >
> > Lisa hates you, but loves your money...Man, it couldn't
> > be me paying up that kind of cash...But hey, if you
> > keep telling yourself that some LMS is better than no
> > LMS, I'll agree completely...
> >
> > Realistically Speaking,
> > --
> >
> > <>
> >

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