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ID Number: 179
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Spreads
Date: Monday, January 29 2001 - 20:19:16

I've been told that I need to return to the "real
world" because apparently, I am a sad sap who only
disgusts Ms. Scott, as well as all the other Playboy
models, and undoubtedly, all of womankind. My first
response is I don't want to live in the "real" world that
has been described to me. The "real" world that I've
been told I should be living in sounds pretty pathetic
to me. Even if I am only deluding myself, I'll stay
right where I am rather than have such a pessimistic
world view where devaluing other people is

My second response is to describe some of the
features of my "fantasy" world in the hopes of dispelling
some of the plain misconceptions that have been

First, in my world, women have long held a status of
second-class citizens. For centuries, a woman was barely
considered a person. Only very recently have women claimed
near-equal status in Western society (sadly, this progress
has not yet been world-wide) with men. One of the
areas that they've succeeded in doing so is by defining
for themselves intrinsic individualized value that is
NOT based solely upon their sexual appeal, or
inextricably linked to the strength, wealth, or prestige of
their "male protector". Clearly, there is yet a long
way to go - many men would gladly reduce a woman to
less than the sum of her parts, and my detractor may
be an example of this. But relatively speaking,
womankind has made remarkable progress in the last 100
years when compared to the last couple

Second, it is true that I first noticed Lisa precisely
because she modeled nude. And I continue to admire her
physical beauty, however, after having first discovered
Lisa, I took advantage of countless opportunities to
learn more about her. Based on these other things that
I've learned, my admiration for her has grown. As I've
stated previously, I barely consider her physical
appearance any more, as compared to her other, prodigious

I've been challenged to show where one of
Lisa's fans might learn of her other talents - to which
I reply "When YOU enter Lisa's Members section, do
you stop cold on the photo on the left, or do you
occasionally venture down to her biography, where she briefly
mentions her experience as a dancer in several ballet
companies, for example?"

A quick rebuttal to the
criticism of Lisa's acting ability may be in order. Glass
Cage was her ealy work. I truly did enjoy Corporate
Ladder, which I believe was her final work before she
decided that acting was not for her. I feel like she did
a great job in that film, but if acting is not an
ability that she herself claims as a strength, it hardly
seems fair to criticize her for it.

And last on
this shortened list of responses, I have met Lisa and
have interacted with her on several occasions. I do
not delude myself into thinking that we are friends,
and I will not presume to describe the way she may
feel about me. However, having interacted with many
beautiful people, including models, actresses, and the
like, and based on these interactions, a few of which
include genuine friendships, I can say that I do not
detect any degree of duplicity of condescension on
Lisa's part.

She and I will never share a
romantic dinner for two, obviously, but then, that's not
the point.
She may in fact consider me to be the
scum of the Earth, without a shred of dignity, for
calling myself her supporter. I think it is unlikely that
she feels this way, but if, on that sad day that she
does reveal her utter contempt for people like me,
then I will move on. If her true character is, in
fact, more similar to my detractor's than to what I
imagine it is, then I will pity her, too.

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