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ID Number: 1796
From: AYHJA <>
Subject: Re: [lisamarie] Re: LMAO
Date: Tuesday, May 15 2007 - 01:16:46

Gotta love them when they think they know everything, eh SP..?


You guys know what's really funny...Is that Lisa used to have larger pics,
much more so in fact, than she has now...I wonder why the change..?

In fact, Set 76 sports a default res of 600x1000...The quality of the image
isn't as clear, but still, its a good sized image...She's always have
them a
bit on the small size res wise, but I wonder what the difference is...


stinkyprevert wrote:
> No, I really do get free pics and vids from a message board where
> someone posts links to rapidshare uploads of zipped sets and vids.
> If you look around a bit on THIS message board in THIS group, you
> might find what I'm talking about. Duh!
> And as for being cool, I mean, what like I care about risking my
> "cyber pervert reputation"?!?! I mean, come on.
> Hey, if I was rich and could afford it, I'd probably have a username
> and password to every freaking porn site around. Alas, I'm a poor
> bastard. And the last time I checked, being poor is totally NOT cool.
> Why? Because money = pussy = cool. I have no money, therefore no
> pussy, therefore not cool. So I download free porn. Wooo HOOO!!!!
> Yeah, I really care about being cool. You're funny.
> --- In <>,
> strait_flush5 <no_reply@...> wrote:
> >
> > He is full of shit. He gets his photo set fix just like every other
> > devoted member. He just won't admit it 'cause it's not cool to be a
> > paying member in this group and bash Lisa at the same time.

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