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ID Number: 1798
From: stinkyprevert <>
Subject: Re: LMAO (Also, love the new video!)
Date: Wednesday, May 16 2007 - 19:41:29

I don't mind the copyright so much, but when the copyright blocks out
the "good stuff"... that just pisses me off. And she's probably
realized that to put a copyright symbol on there is a huge waste of
time and effort. If we evil bastards want to share her pics, we damn
well will and if she wants to sue... that would be like a joke in court.

To change the topic... Her new video is pretty damn hot. Love those
rear shots. I wish she'd release some pics like that. I mean,
honestly if she wanted to get a bunch of pervs to sign up, she'd put
out new videos every week, MANY more pics, higher resolution pics and

I mean, this 13 pic a week thing is like a bad joke. And the 1 video
every 2 months, what's up with that?! I mean, even if I never got to
see her videos, I still wouldn't pay for such low-quality and such a
pitiful amount of new material. If she released about 100 high-res
pics a week, and 1 high-res (at least 5 minute) video every week, I
would gladly pay about $25 per month to support the website, as it is,
I'm showing my protest by not signing up.


--- In, "Raymond" <raymond756@...> wrote:
> the pics also used to have a "© COPYRIGHT WWW.LISAMARIESCOTT.COM" - or
> some version of a copyright - on them. that has been missing for
> quite a while now. why would somebody take the copyright off their
> work? i wonder why the change?
> --- In, AYHJA <AYHJA@> wrote:
> >
> > Gotta love them when they think they know everything, eh SP..?
> >
> > :D
> >
> > You guys know what's really funny...Is that Lisa used to have larger
> pics,
> > much more so in fact, than she has now...I wonder why the change..?
> >
> > In fact, Set 76 sports a default res of 600x1000...The quality of
> the image
> > isn't as clear, but still, its a good sized image...She's always have
> > them a
> > bit on the small size res wise, but I wonder what the difference is...
> >
> > <>
> >

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