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ID Number: 181
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Spreads
Date: Monday, January 29 2001 - 23:21:36

If you want to come back to the real world, then
you are in the wrong place. This is the world of
Fantasy and Imagination.

You are right. I do not
know Lisa outside of her modeling career and the
public image she presents associated with that career,
and even though I would like to, I doubt if I ever

However, it is this public image that she presents that is
why I am a fan of hers and member of her site. And if
she is not what she presents herself to be in her
real life, so what.
May be why she does not want to
answer questions she classifies as 'too personal' and
wants to keep her non-model life separate from her
model life.
After all, how many people in the
Entertainment Industry are their public image? And how many
people in the public spotlight will answer questions
about their non-public life. If you ask a nude model a
question about sex and she actually gives you an answer,
do you think that she is telling you the truth, or
what you want to hear.

As far as having talent
in other areas besides nude modeling, again so what.
She has tried other things, she may not be good at
them, she may not like them. She may have found that
something else that she wants to do may require too much
from her to succeed at it. Not everybody can do
everything, not everybody wants to do everything. She found
something that she is good at, can make money at, and I
assume she likes to do - How may people can say that.
And someday she will probably find something else and
stop modeling.

Does sex sell - yes. Everybody
knows that. Just take a look at the ads in the Media
(TV, Magazines, Newspapers, etc). The Movies and the
TV shows. She is a business person trying to make a
buck just like everybody else. Probably why she is
doing bottomless photo shoots on her site only. Also
probably why she does not post here, only lets her
website/fanclub members contact her by email/snail mail and I
doubt she will ever hold a non-member chat. She wants
you to join her website and her off-line fan

Are models disgusted by the fans that come to see
them and consider them the scum of the earth? And does
it matter how far you traveled? Or how many shows
you attend?
I would say that fans that fall into
the following categories, yes. Otherwise I would say
fans that are generally obnoxious.
fans that behave
in an inappropriate manner.
fans that hang around
them all the time without buying anything, or not
enough for the amount of time they spend at their
fans that try to bother them while they are trying to
take a break, or outside of show hours (like

Am I a sap? I would say no.

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