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ID Number: 1816
Subject: Re: [lisamarie] Re: We would like to know.........
Date: Friday, June 29 2007 - 20:11:01

Hey Steve, you do make a valid point. However you cannot forget the power of fans they can make and break you................................

steve8690 <> wrote: --- In, CHARLES HART <jredch15@...> wrote:
> Hey Lisa,
> Charles is the name and I would like to know if you are some of
your >staffers (public affairs) are aware of some of things people are
>putting out here in the web about you or we can simply call
>speculations at best.

Where are you reading these speculations? I hope you don't mean this
list? I doubt Lisa's highly paid staff of MBA's and Apprentice
runner-ups has time to worry about our little yahoo group, they're way
too busy keeping up with all her website updates, photoshoots and
public appearances etc. :)


Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell.

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