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ID Number: 182
From: nparkin
Subject: Re: Spreads
Date: Tuesday, January 30 2001 - 12:02:57

so, Heifer Sal reckons those that travel
thousands of miles are 'saps' eh?

Having traversed
the Atlantic a few times to attend the odd Glamorcon,
and once, a Playboy Mansion Party, does that mean I
qualify? I do hope so!

So Heifer sal is stating
that a nude/glamour model has to, by definition, show
her internal organs, eh? If you want to see shots of
the internals of models, try befriending a hospital
photographer por radiographer. or maybe join Victoria Zdrok or
linn/Lynne Thomas' sites. I'm sure Victoria would be willing
to try to fulfill your desires.

At a dinner I
had with Lisa a few years back (chaperoned by 2
Playmates and a few other 'saps', lisa talked about her
then boyfriend. At last years' feb Glamourcon in LA,
Lisa said that they'd parted ways. Lisa was hoping to
be able to attend Uni without any strings attached.
She was hoping to be able to do the student thing
without any worries of attachments back home. How many
liaisons she's had since then, I don't know, nor do I want

Heifer suggested that us saps that don't think of the
girls as plates of meat 'disgust' the ladies. Hmm, how
many xmas cards do you get from persons that you
disgust? How many ladies accept dinner or lunch offers
from people that 'disgust' them. Sadly I think it's
yet another case of the sick perversions formulated
by heifer and her friends in other clubs seen as the
'norm' or 'reality', and anything else is

The persons that would 'disgust' the ladies we talk
about are those that put stupid stereotypes onto them,
without talking to them or knowing anything about them.
Those that disgust them at the shows would be those who
were rude to them, or did not use any curtesy
whatseoever. Those that do ask them questions like 'Hey
XXXXXXXX, do you take it up the arse like the slut we know
you are in reality', have, I think, little chance of
getting a reply, and maybe even seeing the inside of that
room again.

I will grant Lisa wasn't the
greatest actress ever, especially in Glass Cage. Her
introductory scene, as repeated in her segue on 'Rising
Stars', wouldn't worry the Oscar nomination, but I'm sure
Heifer's first acting job on the big screen was just
knockout. Glass Cage was shot around the time of Lisa's
layout publication, and would be a chance to showcase
her dancing abilities and beauty, not her thespian
tendencies. It was made by Playboy for Playboy, remember.

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