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ID Number: 1871
From: steve8690 <>
Subject: Re: Lisa Marie's status?
Date: Thursday, November 15 2007 - 03:39:03

--- In, "amkrusz" <amkrusz@...> wrote:
> Pardon me if this has already been discussed here. Has Lisa Marie
> retired?

It's not discussed much because none of us know or those who do know
aren't saying. Most likely she's quit modeling but since the site is
still being updated, albeit with older content, it's possible she's
just taking a long hiatus or maybe she would like to pose again but is
out of shape. If the membership rate is holding reasonably steady,
there's no urgency for her to get in front of the camera again. Maybe
if we all cancel, we will find out what's up :)

> Most recent video: September 24

New one 11/12 although there was no video for October and the videos
when they do go up, serve as a sub for a new photoset

> Most recent scrapbook photos: September 4

A recent new one of these also

> Possibly most recent photoshoot: July 2

July 2 of 2005 maybe, not 2007


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