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ID Number: 1884
From: steve8690 <>
Subject: Re: Is the site pretty much shut down? No updates at all.... what a wench!
Date: Friday, February 08 2008 - 00:09:04

--- In, stinkyprevert <no_reply@...> wrote:
> No updates to the website... All sets w/in the last couple of years
>it seems have been re-hashed old sets.
> Did she die? Get pregnant? Married? Quit? Gained 50 lbs? Get in
>a car wreck and become horribly disfigured? Is she in prison for
>drunk driving? Has she left the country and joined Al Quaida? I
>mean, what's up with this wench and why the hell has she been so cold
>as to give no replies or updated info.

You probably nailed it, she joined up with Bin Laden. We'll know for
sure when Playboy does the Girls of Al-Qaeda spread.

The hand-writing has been on the wall for a long time. Anybody who's
still a member and is disappointed can only blame themselves for
ignoring the signs.


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