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ID Number: 1916
From: "the_insider28" <>
Subject: Re: Questions about Lisa Marie's DEAD website..................................
Date: Tuesday, June 03 2008 - 08:53:43

Lisa's site is long since dead. Based on her photo galleries, she
hasn't posed for new pictures in something like four years.

Very disappointing that she's done what so many other playmates have
done before her: quit her site without so much as a word to
her "beloved fans." Instead, she's just milking the most gullible
ones of their cash for as long as she possibly can. Kind of shocking
when you think about itů

Is anybody here actually paying $20 a month for five monthly
scrapbook photos?

--- In, emanon_43 <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Is Lisa Marie keeping her paid members updated? Is the photo of the
> week now also in the toilet? (have gotten the dreaded red "x" for
> weeks now)
> I fully realize times change and people change, however, having met
> Lisa Marie a few times, I can't see her just turning everyone off
> at once without some explanation.
> Comments?

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