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ID Number: 193
From: xezactula
Subject: Jade Warriors update
Date: Wednesday, January 31 2001 - 11:02:11

O.k. So right now you guys know as much as I do
about the status of Jade Warriors. Avatar is blaming it
on Glass House, and Glass House is blaming Avatar,
while it is mainly the fan that is losing out. Should
be out soon they said, but we heard that before.

Right now my viewpoint is as long as Lisa is on the
cover or in the book I will buy it, but as soon as they
stop using her I will drop it. I used to collect
comics for many years and I am so sick and tired of the
whole comic industry that I went cold turkey. The
stories sucked, The art didnt really suck but it got to
far away from comic book stuff to the point that you
loooked at a page and had to try and figure out what the
hell was going on and which way the story flowed.

Also that Comic companies started to gouge the
consumers left and right. I know that inflation can drive
the price of anything up, but Comics started costing
a minnumum of $2.50-$5.00, and that is just for one
comic. Then they would come out with these stupid
Limited edition covers and charge you twice as much,
saying that it is a collector and that only so many are
produced and that it is going to be worth a lot.
(something that Avatar is doing right now, they have roughly
5 different covers for the same comic so that they
can get more money from you) DON'T FALL FOR IT, I did
and I have roughly 10 full comic boxes that arent
worth crap. Some of those are the different cover

On top of that The real rare comics do
not even hit the shelfs. They are snapped up by the
clerks that work at the comic book store. So you could
be waiting in line for the second that they come out
and not get a single one.

Sorry to turn this
into a rant about comics. But this whole Avatar/Glass
House fiasco drudged this up.


P.S. Happy Birthday Lisa

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