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ID Number: 1984
From: c.eucare <>
Subject: I wonder as well.
Date: Sunday, May 03 2009 - 06:25:32

Some of these posts are sad. It's like the woman died and we're here mourning. I've been a fan of hers since I saw her pictorial in 1995 when I was in college. Like some of you, it really wasn't some lust thing. She gave off a very positive vibe, talented and smart...still is yes? I joined the fan club back before the internet got really huge and got a signed pic from her. She responded to my e-mails during a rough time in my life that I always replied with the signature "Thanks for being my favorite Playmate." Eventually, I got so poor and my health was jacked that I couldn't afford the membership and left.

I figure this woman put a hell of a lot of work into the site. There were consistent update for years. My guess is she took a break or perhaps got sick of dealing with whackos. Lord, knows they're out there and they're worse than they used to be. A smart woman constantly being asked out by doofi or hideous things said on some of these sites of a sexual nature. And there I went getting all offended.:) She took her clothes off for a living. Like some of you it wasn't for the lust of it that we enjoyed her. I always felt "above" the crowd because I dug her. She wasn't like any of those pop tarts out there now. She has true beauty inside and out. Someone I would have enjoyed talking to.

My favorite part about her was she classed it up. I saved pics of her so I could learn to draw a woman's form for my collage drawing courses for theatre. I used her as a guide. And I am thankful she responded to the messages she did. I'm sad that now...with the rough part of life over with, a better job with a big corporation, healthy,rising career...I rejoined the site only to find her gone. I had a lot to tell her about how great things have ended up. I was hoping to catch her at one of these Glamourcon events to thank her for those small gestures of kindness. But we know life isn't fair. We lose touch, things happen and we have to cherish what memories we have left.

I do hope she is ok. And if you're out there sister...I hope everything worked out the way you needed it to. I obviously miss you, but I understand. Thank you for being a positive in this life.

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