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ID Number: 20
From: naditz
Subject: Chicago Glamourcon
Date: Sunday, August 20 2000 - 15:10:19

Well, I went to the Glamourcon on Sunday (Aug
20). And found out that was a BIG mistake! Turns out
that Lisa was there for the Saturday event only and
flew back to Calif that evening.

It was after
I paid for parking and the entrance fee that I
found out. Worse, the Glamourcon staff said "since she
was there Saturday, she should be here on Sunday". I
found out the bad news from Roxanne Galla who sat next
to her.

It would have been nice if Lisa made
a comment at her website that she would have only
been there Sat. Then I could have juggled my weekend
differently...Oh well.

Maybe next year (sigh).

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