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ID Number: 201
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: i warned everyone in my last post...
Date: Monday, February 05 2001 - 21:22:11

I agree completely, and I'm glad that you
clarified your position. It became so quiet all of a
sudden! It was an entertaining diversion for me to
vigorously defend Lisa's (and all women) good name (not that
I think that Lisa needs any defensive - I know she
is more than capable of sticking up for herself). I
respect everyone's right to an opinion, and I believe
that there are forums for everyone to speak their
mind. However, I do not think that any person is
justified in devaluing another in order to articulate that
opinion. Crude remarks or vulgarities are completely
uncalled for and inappropriate in here. Ben Franklin (I
think) said that "profanity is the vain attempt of the
weak mind to assert itself

Anyway, I think it is a credit to Lisa that the members
of the Yahoo club dedicated to her name are not
willing to accept the ribald, even pornographic, comments
of a rude minority of fans.

And with that,
may I suggest a new topic for discussion? Exactly
where can society as a whole draw the line between
constructive or artistic expressions of sexuality, and
pornography? Every individual draws a different line.
Personally, I do not see any work that Lisa has done as being
pornographic. But, where can society as a whole come to a

If this topic does not appeal to anyone, feel free
to suggest another (perhaps even including 'jrichins
is a sap').

Happy to be among


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