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ID Number: 2016
From: stinkyprevert <>
Subject: False advertising....
Date: Wednesday, November 18 2009 - 17:03:34

And I quote:

"Every week I update a new photo set of me�exclusively for my members. These are hi-resolution photos and there are 1000s to choose from with many different themes and styles. These are some of the best images you will find anywhere, because I put so much work into planning the shoots. Below you will find a small sample of each photo set on my site as well as a recent or upcoming favorite photo to the right. Enjoy! "

There hasn't been an update in how long???

I don't have any hostility toward anyone, it's just that if I go into a steakhouse and they're out of steak... I mean... Why doesn't she just put on her website. "Sorry guys, I'm not modeling any more; I just want to hang it up. However, the pictures are still here if you want to sign up. Thanks and it's been fun!"

Instead we're treated with silence and I don't see that as returning the appreciation the fans gave her. Moderately inconsiderate if you ask me.

She was a great model, but it seems a bit appathetic towards her fans.


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