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ID Number: 2052
From: Michael Rindos <>
Date: Monday, August 23 2010 - 20:52:22

Well, I agree with you all. This yahoo group is dead. But the reason why Lisa
Marie Scotts career is dead. Because shes married and has children(Retired).
Basically she settled down to have kids. Not a lot of playmates continue on with
there careers. It's only when something serious is wrong with there chilren or
child. Thats when they start doing charity work. Lot of them value family over
there careers.
It's life. They do get older and move on. Thats a cold, serious and cruel
reality for ex playmates.

Mike Rindos

P.S I'll say it again: In a nutshell Lisa Marie Scott is retired with kids of
her own. Oops forgot to mention that once there married. There life changes. 

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