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ID Number: 2058
From: tinkybad <>
Subject: Lisa's whereabouts
Date: Wednesday, August 25 2010 - 23:35:46

Thanks Mike for the information. Interesting, I didn't think Lisa ever had a presence on myspace.

Lisa certainly deserves her privacy, but I was just hoping for a solid source of information about her. Everybody slows down, and she has the right to retire whenever she wants. But she deserted her website (and thousands of admirers and paying customers) without so much as a goodbye or thanks. That was weird, a little off-putting, and frankly, rude. She basically "dissed" all of us who had supported her all those years.

And you're right. I shouldn't correct anyone's grammar. But online, since ALL we have is the written (typed) word, correct use of American English grammar simply makes it easier for others to understand our meaning.

--- In, Michael Rindos <michaelrindos@...> wrote:
> David,
>           A model told me and many other on myspace.  Even other websites. That
> Lisa is married. And shes got children. People slow down.(Retire). Im not being
> arrogant on the subject about models retiring. Its pretty much common.
> Mike Rindos
> P.S. Also you shouldnt go around correcting peoples typing or grammer. Because,
> that's very rude. Not very polite. I don't do that to others. You never
> know...Some people online might have mental and physical handicapes. I've been
> around them. Side note: I'm as old as Star Wars itself.
> Oh and the reason for no commas. Is because yahoo groups acts up. It
> puts unwanted characters in the messages. 
> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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