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ID Number: 2059
From: Michael Rindos <>
Date: Thursday, August 26 2010 - 15:46:04

You're welcome on the info part.. Because in the modeling world. Even thou
people retire. They still maintain connections with their friends. I know people
like you feel she deserted her followers and pay costumers on her websites. But
she did say goodbye to all her fans some of us miss it. Their are those who
never even heard of her until now or couple of years ago. I found out right
before she retired.

But watch out their alot of people out there who like to use some like Lisa for
personal reasons. And I once encountered such a person. But he got found out by
a friend of hers. He was passing out photos to kids under the age of 18. Which
in the United States alone is illegal. <--Just wisdom.

Mike Rindos

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