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ID Number: 2060
From: "raymond756" <>
Subject: RE:
Date: Friday, August 27 2010 - 01:54:22

> But she did say goodbye to all her fans some of us miss it.

I have been a fan for years and if she did I missed it, and apparently other fans have.

Would you please tell us when and how she said goodbye to her fans?

--- In, Michael Rindos <michaelrindos@...> wrote:
> You're welcome on the info part.. Because in the modeling world. Even thou
> people retire. They still maintain connections with their friends. I know people
> like you feel she deserted her followers and pay costumers on her websites. But
> she did say goodbye to all her fans some of us miss it. Their are those who
> never even heard of her until now or couple of years ago. I found out right
> before she retired.
> But watch out their alot of people out there who like to use some like Lisa for
> personal reasons. And I once encountered such a person. But he got found out by
> a friend of hers. He was passing out photos to kids under the age of 18. Which
> in the United States alone is illegal. <--Just wisdom.
> Mike Rindos
> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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