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ID Number: 208
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Best Posterior View
Date: Friday, February 09 2001 - 08:40:54

"Hot Holidays" has two really good segments with
Lisa, but I still prefer her dance number in "Rising
Stars." If you have to choose only one, HH may have more
more Lisa minutes, but RS focuses totally on her, and
IMO is the way to go.

I've thought for quite a
while that her photo sets are almost all variations on
a theme. Every set has three or four each of a rear
view, standing front, sitting front, sitting-legs open
(with strategically placed hand/clothing), and
reclining. The settings vary as much as the poses, ranging
from a park bench to a garden to a hammock to a porch,
or for a change of pace <gasp> a

But, we can't be too picky, since I think a majority
(perhaps all) of these photo sets were shot all at the
same time in Texas last summer.

I will say that
my favorite was the one where the focus was blurred
and she was under intense red lighting. Now THAT was
a different shoot and was a refreshing change of

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