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ID Number: 227
From: xezactula
Subject: Jade Warriors
Date: Tuesday, April 03 2001 - 15:29:31

Please bear with me while I vent. But the whole
situation with the comic is a crock of s**t. I like others
have been checking in periodiclly at different comic
shops for Jade Warriors only to be told that they have
not heard of it. Hell it is not even listed in the
magazine that tells you what is coming out next month.
Which means that Avatar Press is probally not going to
release it. Lets come to the realization that there is no
delay that a comic book could encounter to being
delayed 5+ months. Unless the writer or artist were in a
coma, but according to Mike and Dave they turned
everything in on time. So I assume that Avatar shelved the
project and just hasnt had the cocunuts to admit it. Also
after the last time I complained about the delay in the
avatar forum they closed that section down, and now you
need permission to post. So much for freedom of

I am sorry but Mike and Dave are not innocent in
this either (at least not in my opinion) They still
have that crappy website up and now when you try to
get to their message board, it sends you somewhere
else. I am sorry but if I worked hard on trying to get
a project out only to have it shelved by somebody I
would be pissed and I would get on the phone and raise
some hell until they either released it or gave me my
project back.

So, from both sides you have two
diffent companies that dont know how to run a buisness or
at least a consumer friendly one, and I am drawing a
line in the sand and saying no more. I dont care if
Jade Warriors comes out tomorrow, and I dont care if
Lisa Marie Scott is the most beautiful women in the
whole world, I am not going to waste my money on a
product from companies that dont give a crap about the

If anybody is still reading this i am
sorry for ranting I whish anybody luck who is still
going to buy a copy if it ever comes out.


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