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ID Number: 248
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: site photos
Date: Saturday, June 09 2001 - 15:24:36

I asked her about the lack of fresh content
recently, and she said she was aware of the problem, and
was planning some great new content to be added to
the website this summer. Her most recent online chat
included a discussion of photoshoot themes, and I suspect
she may be planning on accomodating many of her fans
requests. However, if you're looking for Lisa to "update"
her image to something similar to a Hustler photo
set, don't hold your breath.

Incidentally, this
is Lisa's official Yahoo club, sanctioned by her and
her webmaster. It is therefore, inappropriate to use
this forum to trade member login/passwords in an
attempt to circumvent membership in her

Lisa's next chat is scheduled for June 10, 5-7 Pacific.
I am certain that she will be happy to entertain
more requests/suggestions for photo shoot themes, and
that she will be taking notes on good ideas. I believe
she is planning on shooting a lot of new content this

Finally, look for her in Playboy NSS this summer. She is
returning in "Nude Playmates" and July's BoL (I think - I
might be mistaking the exact issues).

Has anyone
met her at one of the many appearances she's been to
lately? How'd it go? Any notable experiences to


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