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ID Number: 269
From: justinov_dk
Subject: Hi Lisa Marie!
Date: Saturday, June 16 2001 - 14:19:23

Hi Lisa Marie

If every woman was as sweet,
beautiful, exiting and eloquent as you, paradis would have
no significant place in human mindsets! You pictures
"portrait" something far beyond the mere sexy. The
sensuality (the mystique quality)and "presence" (for lack of
better word) you radiate keeps me looking again and
again, since the aestethicism of YOU makes me joyful to
the core of my being to say it in a poetic

May you intelligence, friendliness and beauty stay
hand in hand for years to


PS: Lets all in this club: "Stay drunk, on wine,
virtue, poetry or Lisa Maria" to play a variation over a
theme of Baudelaire! LOL

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