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ID Number: 291
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Hi Everone! New photos Monday!! Pro
Date: Friday, June 29 2001 - 07:41:13

Hey Lisa,

This next month looks like it
will be a great one for your fans. You are providing
so many opportunities for fans to interact with you,
both online and in person, that everyone who wants to
chat, get an autograph, or even meet you in person,
will have their chance. I know that maintaining fresh
content on a website continuosly on a weekly basis
requires a lot of time and attention. I'm certain each one
of your fans appreciates all this effort in their
behalf. We are all anxiously awaiting this much talked
about Tahitian photo set, too!!

I still want to
make it to San Diego this year. Meeting you at Comicon
last year was great!! Will you be associated at all
with any of the people involved with the production of
Jade Warriors, such as Glass House or Avatar, at this
year's convention, or will you be completely
independent? What is the current and future status of your
animated pop-culture alter-ego?

Take good care of


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