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ID Number: 309
From: arlo_speer
Subject: Re: Law School and Other Sundry Stuff
Date: Friday, July 13 2001 - 01:14:48

Quite to the contrary to what Bunnychaser thinks,
I personally find that fact that Lisa chooses to
keep her real name private a sign that she has not
bought into the superficiality that is so pervasive in
Hollywood. It allows her to separate her personal life from
her current professional life to a high degree and
live a normal life.

We in America live in a
society that, for some inexplicable reason, finds brutal
violence acceptable while nudity and sexuality (which are
both perfectly natural parts of life) are deemed
unacceptable. Just watch the television; on any given night you
can see countless people killed in a myriad of brutal
ways yet show a single nipple and the censors have a

If we were brought up to be less focused on a
woman’s breasts we would be much better adjusted as a
society. My ex-wife is Australian and grew up in a culture
where nudity is accepted as a natural part of life.
There is no such thing as a topless beach in Australia
– sunbathers can wear as much or as little as they
choose, and believe me they do, regardless of age and
body type. Europe is even more liberal.

Look at
Playboy Magazine today. What percentage of its models
have had implants and/or various other plastic
surgeries? 70%? 75%? 80%? Higher??? As much as I am a fan of
natural beauty I do not blame the countless young women
who feel the need to “enhance” (I use that term
loosely) their physiques in order to succeed, I blame the
society that we live in for placing such an inflated
value on certain physical traits.

As we all
know, Lisa is genetically gifted both physically and
intellectually, and if she chooses to keep a part of her
professional life very separate from her personal life, for
what seem to me at least to be obvious reasons, more
power to her.

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