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ID Number: 313
From: kaptaindave
Subject: The name of the rose
Date: Saturday, July 14 2001 - 00:12:11

I can't believe what a hot topic a "stage name"
has become. I think one important thing that everyone
is forgetting here is that the decision to use a
stage name was done by 21 year-old-girl who was
dabbling a form of modeling that some find offensive.
Stalkers aside, my take on this situation is that "Lisa
Marie" wanted to protect herself (and possibly her
family) from redicule. What's wrong with that?

hardly think that she's the first to do so. Others such
as the writers O. Henry and Isak Dinesen come to
mind. Each had their reasons and I think that it's
foolish to let such a small point cloud the big picture

We all should feel luck that Lisa, a warm and
genuine person, spends time in this area at all. Few
playmates have websites, fewer offer chats, and still fewer
enter a free forum such as this to further interact
with her "fans."

In a world of Pamela
Andersons... she's a great Lisa Marie Scott so let's not
forget that.

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