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ID Number: 325
From: bobbysroom
Subject: Re: Comic-Con reminder...
Date: Saturday, July 21 2001 - 00:22:18

Thank you for the info, I didn't realize there
was a separate autograph section upstairs. Well I
would have missed her anyway, I didn't get there until
about 4:30, but I'll be there at 10:00 so I should be
able to meet her, well at least say hi.

last thing, if anyone comes and can't find parking,
there is a good alternative place at the trolley depot
at 12th and Imperial. You can't miss it, just look
for the big red parking structure. From there it's a
buck 25 for a one way ticket that takes you right in
front of the convention center. You can buy a round
trip ticket too, but I didn't check the

Beware that you can not walk from the station directly
because of the construction of the new Padres stadium.
Plus there are detours all around that area so you
might want to do a map quest of the down town area. Of
course there are other lots but they generally charge
more than the trolley station. The station parking for
this even is $5 for all day.

I hope this
helps, but if you have a hard time navigating new places
you might not want to take my advice. hehe :) I don't
mind driving around in unfamiliar places as long as
it's in the daytime, because I can usually navigate
around a landmark as a point of origin.


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