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ID Number: 328
From: bobbysroom
Subject: Thank you for your kindness. :)
Date: Thursday, July 26 2001 - 20:00:10

Hello Lisa Marie, I hope you have the time to
read this, that is if you see this post. I doubt that
you remember me, I stopped by on Saturday at the
Comic-Con, to say hi. I was like a pretzel inside so I might
have acted a bit twelve toed. Believe me, I was
stunned by your intoxicating smile as I tried to
introduce myself. Actually I felt a little wiry about the
whole thing.

I would have never known you were
even there if I hadn't seen your post in your Yahoo
club. In fact, I wouldn't have even seen you or gone to
the convention, if it hadn't been for a twist of
fate. I happened to call a friend of mine, who is more
of an acquaintance than a friend, Friday morning to
see what he was doing. He told me about the
convention and how he was helping out another acquaintance
with some video work.

Well to make a long
story short, I was extremely pleased to meet you. I
have to admit that I was totally surprised by how
stunning you look in person. You see I am attracted to
Asian and Pacific Islander women, my ex is from an
island in the Pacific. To the point, of all the Asian
models I have seen on the web I would have to say that
you were not in the top five of my all time
favorites. After meeting you in person I, regretfully, have
to say that you are more beautiful than I would have
ever imagined. (Regretful meaning: I didn't take a
closer look at the person, i.e. your bio.)

only do you possess an outer beauty, but from what I
saw and have read, albeit a brief look inside, I find
you to be a real emerald among the evergreen stones.
Thank you for being kind and showing interest in me,
even though I didn't ask for your autograph or
purchase one of your lovely prints. For the record I only
bought two items, one was for a seventy five cent comic
from one of the new comic writers, who spent a good
amount of time telling me about the business and many
other q's I had for him. I also purchased a CD from the
actress, Julie Caitlin Brown, who is the name sake of my
niece. Except my niece spells her name Caitlyn.


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