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ID Number: 360
From: droopydawg01
Subject: Battle of the Butts?
Date: Thursday, August 23 2001 - 22:09:05

Or No Butts about it.

Ok gents let's be
honest here. I am sure Lisa has heard plenty of defacing
and derogatory comments in regards to her backside
and most other sides at that. As long as the intent
of the comments are complimenting I doubt she'll
gripe overly much. I have spent time with enough women
to know that unless she is a prude she likes to hear
pleasing comments about herself. Women need to know that
men find them attractive. Now personally I would
usually avoid terms like "ass." Not because it is
offensive, more because people can take offense to it. All
in all guys, look at it this way, if Lisa doesn't
like it she'll say something about it. And for all of
you nay sayers out there, find a part of any woman's
anatomy that you find pleasing and politely compliment
her about it and you'll see what I mean. Only the
prudes will complain.

By the way I have no idea
why such a big deal is being made about her back
side. I find every part of her body from the top of her
head to the soles of her feet to be incredible. So you
guys argue over the pieces and I'll enjoy the whole

Lisa you truely are a beauty and since I
have yet to personally meet you I will have to base
off others comments that the beauty is more than skin

- Droopy

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