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ID Number: 410
From: droopydawg01
Subject: Re: A couple thoughts
Date: Friday, September 14 2001 - 10:25:18

As a recent member of the US Navy I applaud all
those who stand and back our country. Yet I ask, purely
rehtorically, why is it that we have to have something of this
magnitude happen to make us stand together?

America we have always been Americans. Many men and women
have served to protect us not just through the
military, but our police, fire fighters and federal
officials. I will not say that any of us are perfect,
because even Sailors and Marines hold each other apart
even though they are both Navy. Today we are joined by
the rest of the country and the rest of the world in
our mourning. Let's hold on to this.

Monday, life is supposed to resume as normal. The time of
mourning will be over. Let's hold on to the unity that has
formed this week. America unified during World War I and
II, during most of our other conflicts there have
been divisions. Let's hold together. We are told that
this is war, except it is a war like none have ever
seen. Since the Civil War there has been no war on
American soil, American soil. We have always been
Americans now let us be America. United we stand... is the
cry. Let us heed it.

Those of you not on
American soil, our gratitude and thanks goes out to each
of you for your prayers. Americans were not the only
ones who were lost in this tragedy and so our prayers
are with you as well. God is Almighty no matter how
you view him, or her. The World can unify over this.
Because even before we were Americans, Canadians,
British, French we all are Eathlings. Let us stand
together and forget our differences. Together we can
change this planet for the better.

I will hush
now. I ask though that each of you please think on
what I have said. Thank you for reading

- Droopy

God Bless Freedom, America, and the

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