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ID Number: 414
From: lisamariescottdotcom
Subject: redesign of site coming
Date: Sunday, September 16 2001 - 22:58:58

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have
been working on the redesign of my website and we are
planning on launching the new design October 1 so please
be patient if there are any bugs at first....I think
that everyone will really like it. I've been working
nonstop on it the last few months so hopefully it wasn't
for nothing :)

Sorry about not having a
wallpaper for this month....we are supposed to but i think
things got mixed up with my webmaster because we of the
redesign coming....I will work on it...maybe we can have
two for october or something...we'll

Again, i hope that everyone is doing okay right now and
trying to get back to normal (it is hard, i

Lisa Marie

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