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ID Number: 457
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Club Update
Date: Tuesday, October 23 2001 - 08:14:37

Hey everyone,

Yeah, it has been a little
quiet around here, but I think the reason is that Lisa
has been extremely busy the last few weeks. She just
returned from traveling last weekend, so perhaps we can
expect her to log on soon...?

I believe she is
making progress on the UK cards, as well. I know she
wants to get this little glitch ironed out

Sorry if it doesn't seem that the founders are timely
enough on some of the stray posts that get in here. By
"stray" posts, I mean those which have nothing to do with
Lisa, such as promoting another website, and therefore
don't really belong. I logged on last night around 1
AM, and there were no offending posts. This morning
(It's 8 AM) there was one, plus a followup from a
member!! All traces of that post have been

Keeping on top of posts which try to co-opt the use of
this club for their own purposes is a full time job.
Thank you all for the assistance... it's comforting to
know this club is self-regulating.

In the
meantime, lets encourage more members to post messages
about an opportunity they've had to meet Lisa in
person. She has been, and continues, to make so many
appearance, surely there must be many other members who have
met her in person.

Anyone seen any of Lisa's
movies? They can sometimes be hard to find, but Corporate
Ladder should be in video stores. IMO, it's her best
supporting actress role to date. Go out an rent it, and post
your review here.

Lisa is appearing once more
in Playboy, although perhaps not with the same
frequency as before. Anything significant strike you about
her latest evolution in BOL?

I look forward to
reading some of your thoughts...

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