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ID Number: 475
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Missing shots from M & B
Date: Thursday, November 08 2001 - 07:39:25

Since I am posting again I will add my comments
about this.

I have not seen the photos in
question, so I can not comment on them directly. But from
what I heard even though they may be more explicit
that what she is doing now, they are not as explicit
as some of her Playboy shots.

possibilities range from they were taken without her knowledge
(by that I mean not posed for) and posted without her
knowledge (by that I mean that she was either not asked or
mislead about the content) and when she found out she
asked to have them taken down to she did purposely pose
for them and she told them to post them and then
later changed her mind and asked M&B to take them down.

Only Lisa, M&B, or somebody close to her knows the
real reason that they are no longer there.
Unfortunately, I am none of the above.
So as writetoteddy
(msg 487) says "Would you like to tell us how you feel
about this, please Lisa ? I am sure we would all like
to hear your own feelings on the subject"
I doubt
if anyone else who really knows is going to post the
reason or how Lisa feels about this (I am sure that they
will respect Lisa privacy), so Lisa would you tell us
why? It may even prevent a lot of wild rumors from
being circulated.

As far as weather they should
be reposted or not I agree with steve8690 (msg 486).
If she did not want them originally posted they
should left out, but if she originally agreed to have
them posted then they should be reposted.

I can accept that M&B lost them due to server
problems, what I heard was that they were lost in the
transfer from the old server to the new server. What I can
not accept is that they can not be recovered. Even
though I don't believe M&B said explicitly that they can
not be recovered, by not posting them that is what
they imply. They could recover them from a backup, the
film negatives or memory cards/disks (depending on
type of camera used), or even one of the members that
have them could send them back to M&B to be

Of course this all could be a big publicity stunt.
There is a saying "There is no such thing as bad
publicity". Or maybe she is "testing the water" to see what
people would think.

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